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Hello Veloz™ Ambassadors!

We're huge believers in and supporters of our ever-growing ambassador community. From the top-rated pros, to the expert instructors, to the inspired influencers, we want to say “Thank you!”  You’re such an important part of our business and our brand.

Once you've purchased and experienced the radical difference of a Veloz™ paddle, we want to share our gratitude! We've established a referral program that rewards you for your contribution and support. As an approved Veloz™ Ambassador, you’ll be rewarded every time a buyer registers their paddle and recognized you in their registration.
Getting started is easy:  1) Apply by filling out Veloz™ Ambassador Application. 2) Veloz™ Account Manager will review applications within 2 days. 3) Once approved, contract will be sent out via DocuSign. 4) Once contract has been executed, start referring!
Please note, your ambassador reward will be capped at IRS’ defined threshold, currently $600 annual (subject to change per IRS 1099).  If you wish to uncap your rewards, you must submit a completed W-9 to Veloz™.  W-9 tax form can be downloaded from or contact Veloz™ to request a copy of the form.  Veloz™ Ambassador will receive a 1099-NEC at the end of the tax year for tax filing.