Sara Betancourt

Sara Betancourt

Q: What attracted you to pickleball?

A: “I grew up playing tennis but was attracted to Pickleball in 2016 after spending 45 years on the tennis court which included 4 years of College Tennis and 25+ years of competitive USTA tournament play as a Nationally ranked player. Unfortunately, like in so many other cases, my body broke down and Pickleball seemed like a viable replacement for tennis without the damage to your joints. ”


Q: What are some of your favorite accomplishments?

A: “ I have been blessed to medal at many events, and have been a finalist at Nationals. But I am most proud of having won the US OPEN in Naples, FL. alongside my husband a couple years ago. I am also extremely grateful for the many new friends that I have met and friendships that developed over these years of playing PB.”


Q: What is your favorite Veloz paddle and why?

A: “The Ellipse 16mm which provides me with the accuracy and over all feel that I have not experienced with any other paddle.”


Q:What is (or would be) your walk-on song?

A: “’Beat it’ by Michael Jackson”

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