Stephanie Gaeta

Stephanie Gaeta

Q: What attracted you to pickleball?

A: I really missed the competition from collegiate volleyball.  So when I started pickleball, it fueled that competitive flame again that I missed to much. 

Q:: What are some of your favorite accomplishments?  

A: Ohhhh…tough one.  I’ve played many tournaments, and was happy enough to medal in some.  But I have to say, winning Gold in 5.0 mixed at the PPA in June on my home court was a great memory.  

Q: What is your favorite Veloz paddle and why?

A: 16 OR 13mm Quadra.  I love the 16 for mixed for control, and 13mm for singles/women's doubles. .  

Q: What is (or would be) your walk-on song?

A: Oh man.  So. Many. Choices.  Probably right now, Outta your mind by Lil Jon. 


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