Pepe Hernandez

Pepe Hernandez

Q: What attracted you to pickleball?

A: “I started playing Pickleball in California and found it very interesting and enjoyable. The community is really big and it was also easy to use my tennis skills and adapt them to play pickleball.”

Q: What are some of your favorite accomplishments?

A: “ I love fostering a community around pickleball. I love introducing new players to the game and sharing the joy it brings.”

Q: What is your favorite Veloz paddle and why?

A: “The Veloz Ellipse 13mm is my go-to paddle. Its precision and power perfectly complement my playing style, added to the big sweet spot enhancing my overall performance on the court.”

Q:What is (or would be) your walk-on song?

A: “Legend" by The Score 

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