Gina Cilento

Gina Cilento

Q: What attracted you to pickleball?

A:  The way the paddle felt in my hand when I hit the ball, the sound of the ball coming off the paddle, knowing that it was more challenging to me than tennis ever could be because I can't get away with a bad shot. I also love how fast it's played and that you don't have to wait for a second serve or go pick up the balls yards away for the next point like tennis. I like being able to bring my tennis talents with me to pickleball. 

Q: What are some of your favorite accomplishments?

A; Winning my first gold medal with Dave Weinbach in Chicago. After a year of being mentored by Bob Loomis (a national pickleball champion who took the time to hone my skills), finally beating him in skinny singles. Playing against Gigi Fernandez at the New York Open. 

Q: What is your favorite Veloz paddle and why?

A: My favorite Veloz paddle is the all black 16MM Ellipse because of the way it feels so perfectly balanced in my hand, the extra long reach I have, the balance of control and power and the lack of edge guard that allows me to make a mis-hit into a decent shot.

Q: What is (or would be) your walk-on song?

A: "Brick House" by The Commodores
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