Bob Guilbert

Bob Guilbert

Q: What attracted you to pickleball?

A: “Our good friend Lynne introduced us to the sport (she and her sister played in Seattle) which at that time I thought was for older people, however, in parallel another friend’s daughter Pam who is a D1 tennis player started playing at age 25!!! This made me think twice that there was more to the sport !!! Tried it once and was hooked!!!”

Q: What are some of your favorite accomplishments?

A: Beyond having a wonderful wife, great kids and grandkids. I successfully medaled from 3.5 to 5.0 over the last 4 years. Becoming a sponsored player of Veloz is an ongoing highlight and creating a Pickleball app with my son and daughter called Unforced Pickleball to help players gain insights about their game are true highlights!!!”

Q: What is your favorite Veloz paddle and why?

A: “Without doubt the 13MM Quadra in white. This paddle has exceptional pop, with great control. The 4 wraps of carbon is far superior to paddles that are just coated. I think the Quadra shape is more traditional but slightly more maneuverable than that of elongated paddles.”

Q: What is (or would be) your walk-on song?

A: "Good to be Alive!” by Andy Grammar. 

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