Veloz's Quadra performance paddle received an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 in Pickleball Magazine, as reviewed by Jack Bandel. Here's his breakdown:

Look/Cosmetics: 4/5

A few months ago, I reviewed the Veloz Ellipse paddle and was very impressed, so when Veloz asked me to review the Quadra model, I was eager to see how this paddle played in a more traditional shape. Again, love the look of these paddles. Sharp lines and bright colors make them stand out on the court. Three color patterns are available for the Quadra (green/white, fuchsia on orange/white, yellow on gray/white). Hard to pick a favorite... they all look great! Dimensions are 15.75" x 8" with a 16mm thickness. Handle is 5.4" and my paddle came in at 8.2oz. These paddles just exude high quality and each one is individually handcrafted. Like the other Veloz, the Quadra has a four-layered, multi-directional carbon fiber with "360-degree wrapping." I feel like this is what make Veloz paddles so special.

Serves/Returns/Groundstrokes: 4.25/5 

I was immediately comfortable with this traditional-shaped Quadra, and it has that same great contact feeling that the Ellipse had. I noticed a tad less power on full strokes, like returns and serves, but this was probably due to wider/shorter shape. But still, the carbon fiber face has the same "springy" feel on contact, with a nice blend of control and power. The balance through the air felt perfect and not head-heavy like the Ellipse. So far, so good!

Touch/Feel/Spin: 4.75/5

I loved the feel of the Ellipse model and this one is no different. If you read what I said about the feel of the Ellipse, everything remains in the Quadra, but slightly better due to the extra control you get from this shape. Touch and feel players will really love this paddle for its wonderful control and ease of use. Great for absorbing pace from hard-hit incoming shots and very easy to feather away angle volleys that will frustrate your opponents. The spin is very good, but again, the feel is just outstanding. Top scores here for sure!

Sound/Sweet Spot/Playability: 4.5/5

The sound of impact is very rewarding. Won't get you in hot water with your neighbors. The sweet spot felt a little above average in size, possibly due to the 360-degree carbon wrapping like the Ellipse had. With this model though, I found the sweet spot to be perfectly centered on the paddle, extending equally in all directions. I found this model easier overall to use and while I recommended the Ellipse for advance players, this one could be used by almost any level player.

Summary: 4.3/5

Veloz once again surprised me with a very high-quality and playable paddle. The paddles are a bit pricier than the average, but when you factor in the way they are handmade and all the tech you get packed in there, I feel they are a bargain. They are so well-made and will probably last you a good long time, making it a worthwhile investment. I think more and more folks are becoming aware of this brand now and what it offers, and I predict it will become a major player in the paddle market.

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