Veloz's elongated Ellipse performance paddle received an overall rating of 4.24 out of 5 in Pickleball Magazine, as reviewed by Jack Bandel. Here's his breakdown: 

Look/Cosmetics: 4/5 

You may not have heard of Veloz as a paddle brand, but don't let that deter you from checking out this innovative new paddle. The look is sharp and simple. A large colorful V-like symbol across the face, against a dark grey background. Comes in three color combos: green/black, blue/white or grey/black. Dimensions are 16.25" x 7.4" with a 16MM thickness. Handle is long enough for two-handers (5.5") and mine came in at a touch over 8 oz. 

These are super high-quality paddles that are individually handcrafted and it takes more than seven hours to make each one. Veloz uses a four-layered multi-directional carbon fiber with what it calls "360-degree wrapping". It's supposed to provide a dynamic surface that absorbs and redirects energy. We shall see...

Serves/Returns/Groundstrokes: 4/5

I was eager to find out if this innovative paddle surface felt or played any different than any other similar carbon fiber paddles, and the answer is yes! The ball feels springy off the paddle face. Very soft-feeling and makes for a very enjoyable hitting experience. Almost like a tiny trampoline effect would be a good way to describe it. Nice blend of power and control on full swings. The paddle felt slightly head-heavy balance-wise, which is common for long, narrow paddles. The long handle added to the power on drives, and you could really crank out hard strokes without too much effort. 

Touch/Feel/Spin: 4.5/5

I  have to say, I love the feel of this paddle. It's quite unique and makes other paddles feel hard and board-like. Perfect for the soft game around the net and for absorbing  hard drives right at you. The extra length comes in handy on wide angles, and overheads were a breeze. Touch and feel players will really love this paddle once they try it. It makes you want to play a finesse game all day. So, top marks for touch and feel, but what about spin? Veloz claims its paddles have the maximum friction allowed and this translated into very nice spin potential. If you play with a lot of spin, you won't be disappointed  here. But again, the star for me is the feel. 

Sound/Sweet Spot/Playability: 4.5/5 

The sound at impact is very pleasant. Not a loud pop, but a soothing "clok" sound. The sweet spot felt a little above average in size, and this could  possibly be due to the 360-degree carbon wrapping technique that Veloz uses. I also noticed the sweet spot was extended a little more toward the tip of the paddle. The right and left outer sides of the paddle were not as forgiving, but no paddle helps you there. The playability overall is there, but I would say this isn't a beginners paddle due to the longer, narrow shape. I would recommend this to intermediate and advanced players. 

Summary 4.25/5 

I usually shy away from paddle brands that I haven't heard of, but this was really a nice surprise. Veloz makes a very high-quality paddle, and uses many innovative technologies that set it apart from the larger companies. I would call it a "boutique" brand. This paddle should make all the finesse players out there very happy. For what you get, I feel like the pricing is very reasonable. I think once some folks can get their hands on these paddles, you will start seeing more and more of them on the courts. Definitely check this one out! 

Shop the Ellipse 16MM and Ellipse 13MM now at www.velozusa.com. 

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