NEWPORT BEACH, CA—VELOZ Pickleball was established during the pandemic by southern California resident, inventor and pickleball advocate Mitch Junkins. Drawing on his background as both a pro skateboard demo rider and his vast experience in the manufacturing of skateboards and other action sports products,  Junkins set out to solve two issues inherent in today’s mainstream pickleball paddles: 1) flex and compression caused when a pickleball strikes a paddle surface and 2) misguided ball strikes. Junkins’ extensive research and development process, along with his team of mechanical engineers, product development specialists, industrial designers and creative directors resulted in new-to-market innovations that eliminate paddle flexing and mis-hits.

VELOZ patent-pending performance paddles are USA Pickleball-approved, and available today in two shapes:  the Ellipse elongated and Quadra square paddle. Both models have a wide range of colors and two widths: 16MM and 13MM.  Each VELOZ performance paddle takes over seven hours to manually produce, forged under heat and pressure. During production, four layers of multi-directional high grade carbon fiber are hand-wrapped 360 degrees around the paddle face and edges, to maximize the sweet spot and power for players of all abilities. 

The Sport and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), recently announced that pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America for the third year in a row, with the number of players doubling in 2022 to over 8.9 million in the United States. That figure is part of a five-year trend that has seen pickleball evolve from its humble origins in Bainbridge Island, Washington, into a sport with Olympic aspirations. 

“At VELOZ Pickleball, we eat, breathe and live pickleball,” Junkins said. “Our end game is to continually evolve leading-edge, patented technology unlike anything in the marketplace. Whether coaching or competing, our mission is to inspire players to bring their best every day.”

Life Time Pro Daniel Roditi Joins Team VELOZ

Adding to VELOZ’s presence and visibility in southern California, VELOZ Pickleball announced the addition of Head Pro Daniel Roditi of Life Time Rancho San Clemente to the team. “Daniel is a highly-respected pickleball coach and commentor who has ranked as high as number five in men’s pro singles. Over the years, he has coached countless numbers of beginners and players seeking to evolve their game. We are delighted to draw on Daniel’s vision and experience as VELOZ advances pickleball paddle technology to its fullest potential,” Junkins added.

In addition to Roditi, VELOZ has developed an active network of pickleball influencers that are early adapters and advocates of the VELOZ brand. “We receive enthusiastic reviews and inquiries from coast to coast every day,” Ruth Rosenquist, head of marketing said. “Teaching pros and players alike are drawn to the control, power and touch of our one-of-a-kind performance paddles.”

Visit www.velozusa.com to learn more and inquire about Ambassador and dealer opportunities.

 About VELOZ Pickleball 

 At VELOZ Pickleball, our end game is to continually evolve leading edge, patented performance paddle technology. We’re dedicated to the sport we love, driven by innovation in design, manufacturing and inspired by the achievements of our customers, teaching pros and ambassadors. At our headquarters in sunny California, we’re out on the courts every day, learning new ways to improve ourselves as players, as people, and as members of the pickleball community. Visit https://www.velozusa.com to learn more.


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