The VELOZ USA Pickleball story began in Newport Beach, California, out of a love for the game, and a desire to innovate beyond the traditional railed paddle found in retail outlets today. Founder Mitch Junkins (left) grew up in sunny southern California, and started down his entrepreneurial path as a tester and skateboard pro for Mattel in his teens. Today, Mitch refers to himself as a maker, inventor and producer, holding over 15 patents. His wheelhouse is in taking products from inception to manufacturing and distribution.

After discovering pickleball with his wife Lori (second on left) during the pandemic, Mitch was compelled to test and solve for two issues inherent in today's basic pickleball paddles: 1) winging (flex) and 2) misguided ball strikes. These solutions brought further innovation to the elongated Ellipse and square Quadra performance paddle, available in 4-ply carbon fiber and two widths, 16MM and 13MM at www.velozusa.com.

According to Mitch: “We are proud of our roots at The Tennis & Pickleball Club at Newport Beach, where it all began. And we are grateful for the Ambassadors, Teaching Pros and players across the country who are passionate representatives for our performance pickleball paddles.”

In Spanish, the word VELOZ means “fast”. “Once you try our paddles, I think you will understand the meaning without any translation,” Mitch said. “Go seize the courts!”

Photo: shown left to right, Mitch and Lori Junkins with Piper Vaughn and Shaun Skeris. 

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